Monday, March 15, 2010

It Was Like A Bad Dream

Have you ever had a weird, bad dream...? Like dreaming you wore your pajamas in public, had huge large feet or often walk in slow motion...especially when some monsters are trying to catch you. Ever had those?


Me too.

Unfortunately what happened to me today was no dream.

Let me explain...

I often put a natural fruit mask on my face whenever I am at home. Most of the time its tomatoes or cucumber. They are easy and often found in my fridge. It's just a thin layer - often not obvious except for a few seeds that dries up and patches up on some part of my face.

This morning I was probably in so much of a hurry and too many things on my mind.... that.... I actually went out with a tomato mask on my face. Only discovered it after I went to the restaurant to pack lunch and McDonalds drive in. While waiting at the McDonald's drive-in, I looked into the mirror and saw patches of tomato puree on my nose and chin. What is that? Oh no! How could I have forgotten to wash off??!

Eewww... so embarassing!

What to do?

Just laugh at myself and glad I did not bump into anyone I knew.

If you saw me today, just pretend you didn't. Or rather it wasn't me. I need my self-esteem intact.

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