Sunday, March 28, 2010

Black Friday, 26 March 2010

On Friday at about 11pm, we came home from Cell Group and discovered that the whole house was in a mess. The back gate and door was pried open.

Clothes and books were strewn everywhere.

Cupboards and drawers were opened.

Shock and disbelief that our place of solace was intruded.

What a violation of privacy.

What a betray of trust towards humanity.

A realisation of what greed does.... from one Greedy to Another.

Anger? Yes.

Fear? Yes.

Frustration? Yes.

The children was upset. They have every right to be. So was I.... to discover the laptops, Hubby's expensive camera and foreign currencies were taken.

It was Black Friday because we have not really got over Pastor Mark's passing (the funeral was in the morning) and then this. This is emotionally draining....

Thank God, we are safe but I want to leave this house now!!!!

P.S. I am blogging from an internet cafe.

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