Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Home

As of yesterday, Tuesday 9 March 2010 - we have received the keys to our new home.

*dancing around the house*

My family and I are now proud owners of our house.

Our home ......

Our very own nest.

A place we can go to unwind.

A place of solace.

To come away from the stress of traffic jams and work stress.

A place to wash our tired bodies and fill our hungry stomachs.

A place to churn out all kinds of culinaries and maggi mees.

Where laughters will be created and tears to be wiped.

Childhood joys to be imprinted on the little hearts.

Where toils will be worth the while.

Where future generations can look to the past.

And they sit on the seat of their forefathers.

This I long to dream.

For you my Sons and the Sons of your Sons.

This is home.

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