Sunday, March 21, 2010

Please... Let it be

I was at the hospital today afternoon visiting someone. He is in a critical condition due to the late stages of cancer of the intestines.

I was quite overwhelmed with emotions.

The last time I saw him, a few months ago, he looked well and chirpy. But today. He was weak and unable to speak clearly.

I was overcome with sadness. Split between the feeling of wanting to cry and being brave. For his sake and the others around me.

When we arrived, there was already a crowd. Eventhough he was not very aware of his surroundings, I greeted him and he nodded. He knows me. I was happy, eventhough it was an awkward moment with more than 10 other people standing quietly and solemnly inside the hospital room and beside his bed.

The last time we spoke, he asked about my house and me. So, I really wanted to continue that conversation. I wanted to let him know that I have already received my house keys, I am a proud owner of the house, he and and his wife went over to pray for... I have also started renovation of the place and I wanted to show him the pictures of the progress.... I also wanted to invite him over to the house after we moved in....

And I did.

I told him about the house, how Joel & Ethaniel are doing in school and that I wanted him to visit us when he gets better.

"If God is willing", he said softly.

So, God... Are you?

Please... Let it be.

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