Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Till We Meet Again

I just heard the news that the friend whom I visited on Sunday had passed away.

Pastor Mark is home.

He is at a better place as of 9.30pm tonight. Left this journey on earth to start a new chapter in eternity with his Maker.

They say that place is a magnificent place. The "in" place to go after our expiration date on earth.

Rose (wife) & Pastor Mark

I am trying to imagine Pastor Mark having the time of his "new" life without the confine of a sick, aching and aging body. I am happy. But I am sad.

Such contradicting emotions.

Pastor Mark (in the middle) and all of us

When we were in the hospital on Sunday, Ethaniel said a beautiful prayer for Pastor Mark. He laid his small little hand on his frail hand. It was all about asking God to make him stronger, able to leave the hospital, feeling better and never sick again...

Was this an answer to his prayer?

By the way, Pastor Mark, I never really had a chance to Thank You for being a patient, kind and loving Shepherd. You alternated your role as a Pastor, counsellor, Shepherd and Boss. Your care and concern towards my family and I, has made an impact and helped in ways I am not able to articulate. Indeed, you have been a blessing.

P.S. Since you will not be able to visit me in my new house, I will visit you instead... In due time.... Till we meet again...

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