Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chicken Run... Contractor Run... Whatever!

My house Contractor, Ah Pang, called it quits and I am left with the rest of the 20-25% of the Renovation hanging.... On 14th April, into 32th day of Renovation.




I have been targeting for 1 May 2010, Saturday for the move into the new place.

Due to some misunderstanding, he has refused to continue and to shorten the headache and heartache with him, I have decided to drop him altogether. Its sad because he started well and slowly deteriorated. I guess that happens when they have received enough money and more jobs are queuing up.

Of course the downside is that, I have given him all the money except for RM1,000. Unfortunately, its not enough to finish all the remaining stuffs. I could have kicked myself for not keeping more money. I had insisted but he was more persistent in wanting the payments. Now, I understand why.

I am giving up on Contractors!!!! I am going to do the job myself!

The Government should seriously regulate this profession. 8 out of 10 persons who encounter Contractors have problems.

BTW, to those whom I have recommended this Contractor... I am sorry!


Che Ma said...

eagles wings,

thanks for your email of reminder... actually I have finalised scope of work and cost of reno but have not started work awaiting majlis's approval.

my reno would cost me around RM120k... am now worry should the same contractor lari happen to me.. in our discussion we agreed that payment is on a weekly progress... should I proceed with him because of the quality of work but be VERY CARFEUL with payment... still thinking


cyt858 said...

Hi there. Just found out about your blog. Well done. I noticed that you got the contractor info from my site. I seriously hope that both of you can settle the problem amicably. From my end, I told him also about problem from your end after reading the blog. I hope communication can solve some problem.
Anyway, its a great blog and do continue on. :)