Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick Tips at Internet Cafe

1) You are encouraged to rent an Oxigen tank if need to surf more
than 5 mins

2) Unlimited opportunity to grasp all types of
'flowery' language, especially in Chinese

3) One no longer has to wonder why our young people does not enjoy reading

4) Spending RM2 per hour is still much cheaper than buying a computer,
paying tmnet RM110 every month and worry your laptop gets stolen.

5) There are grown up adults who sits there for hours playing

6) Avoid loosing your laptop to Robbers as much as possible, especially if your life revolves around it.

7) Do not get overly bothered with the girl at the counter for her lack of courtesy while talking to you. Just remind yourself its not Hilton Hotel reception. After all she was not wearing an Oxigen tank. Maybe all the cigarette smoke clouded her personality.

8) Be thankful for mobile internet because that will give you as much pause as possible from having renewed experience of the above points of numbers 1 to 7.

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