Thursday, April 22, 2010

Termite Treatment

On the 24th day of our Renovation, before the wall was fully plastered, the Termites People came over. They sprayed an odourless chemical which was equally as lethal as the smelly one, I am sure. Anything chemical, just beware.

The thing about the odourless chemical, which is the latest technology, are costly. So, a 3-4 hours job cost me RM1,350.00. I did quite a bit of comparison before I took on the company Aneka. He was both professional and seems to know what he is doing. My brother in law also engaged him for his termites problem.

Spraying the unplastered wall

Mixing chemical with water before spraying

Spray here, spray there, spray everywhere

He drilled the untiled floor, sprayed on the garden, wet the roof and the whole works. I was there for a few minutes and I quickly scram when I realised that I was having breathing difficulty. I have this hyper sensitive nose to anything offensive e.g. cigarette smokes, dog poo and all kinds of detergent.

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