Monday, April 26, 2010

Electical & A little more of Plumbing

Electrical work started around the 24th day of the Renovation, which was 6th April. Till today, it has not been completed. There seems to be a great number of hacking for concealed wiring. I have not worked out the cost for the wiring due to addition here and there. So, I shudder to think what the cost might be... *shivers*

The Electrician is a Supplier of Hubby's. Gave us a good price and good service. A very nice humble guy. Even told me his nightmare stories about his own renovation. About how his 2x2 tiles 'floated' out of the flooring and causing damage amounting to RM80K for raw material and RM60K for workmanship. I didn't really need to know it, after all, I am in the midst of my own Renovation. I need more comfort stories....

Thank God, I didn't get my Contractor to do the electrical stuffs! He would have charged everything from switches to installation. I saved some $$$ there.

Wire cost seems to be very high - especially the ones that is being run outside the house for the auto gate, doorbell and lights. The "aman" (not sure of spelling) cable are said to be strong and last for a very long time compared to the normal wiring fitted into normal casing. Its too expensive for my liking but it has to be done according to the Electrician ... if we don't want any 'shorting' or termites chewing it for a snack (I didn't know termites chew on wires). Anyways.

Wiring for the kitchen

"aman" cable running on the outside of the house

Plumbing works started around the same time as the electrical works. Just 1 or 2 days earlier. This plumber is by the Contractor. I was fortunate enough to be around when he was doing his work. If not, I would have to put my fridge where the washing machine was suppose to be and some other really annoying mistakes. So, I spent half of the day supervising his work. So, since then, I never trusted any of the workers. I ensure that I poke my nose into everyone's work.

Dish washing water from the kitchen sink will go into a gully and then into
the sewerage. Apparently, this is ideal and clean way to do it.
The Plumber did the 'right' way by accident. According to the Contractor,
he finds the easiest exit. If the drain is easiest, the drain it is!

Piping for the kitchen sink. I was so smart to buy a mixer at a warehouse sale
when I only need cold water.... But it was 50% discount!

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