Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Mum

I picked Joel up from school today. We had to wait for Ethaniel... so while waiting, both of us shared a snack. The snack was given by his classmate's Mum.

I casually commented ......

Me: She is such a nice person. I wish I have a Mum like her.



I turned over and looked at Joel....

He turned and looked at me.....

Me: Yes?


Me: This is the part where you were suppose to answer... "You are a good Mum too"

Joel looked at me and both of us burst out in laughter....

Me: Yes??? *still laughing*

Joel: *laughing* You.... *laughing* You..... *laughing* ..... are.... *laughing*

Me: Yes?? *laughing*

Joel: *laughing* You.... *laughing* You..... *laughing* ..... are.... *laughing* a good Mum too....

I was about to open the car door and push him out!

I had a good laugh.

He was pulling my leg....

Weren't you, Joel? I am a good Mum, right?

RIGHT??????!!!! Say 'yes' if you want a lift to school tomorrow.

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