Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 2: Dead Sea, Jordan - 11 April 2008 (Part 3)

Floating without any floating device or ability to swim in the sea? That would be a dream come true for a non-swimmer and basically magic. Well, what do you know.... I am in a dream sea... The Dead Sea. My children, especially Joel think that is COOL. How is that possible? Defying nature.

So in order to experience this, we were driven to a local hotel (I cannot remember the name of the place). We were there around 4pm. I was amazed that the local hotel actually allowed outsider to use their beach front, toilets and shower. We were not staying there (eventhough I would have loved to).

Its an oasis in the middle of a desert. A few swimming pools, water slides, spitting whale and just water and water everywhere. There were many children playing. I wanted to jump in and join them on such a hot day. Chubby, fat little boys and girls BOUNCING and splashing around :-) So cute. I am sure if translated to an adult, would be almost gross. Eeww! Let me erase that thought.

We went into the changing room which was absolutely free, clean and ta-da, I was in my very modest swim wear. Its a church tour, so I must 'show' to be modest and not reveal too much flesh. Anyway, showing off too much of flesh might scare the fishes in the sea, oops, its the Dead Sea, there are no living organism there... But still.

I can swim pretty well but you don't have to know how to swim. You just float. Its an amazing feeling. Fully recommended for at least once-a-lifetime experience.

Walk towards the beach

Just look at all the men showing off. You should have heard their squeals, laughter and excitement. It was so funny! Actually, one thing even more funny is that... The 2 men i.e. Kevin & Ps Leslie have very fair legs and bodies. When they first took off their towel, it was glaring man! In Chinese Cantonese, we call it "Pak Chum Kai" which means "white chicken". Andy took some photos which I will get off him. I had a great time teasing them, I should feel horrible, right? Later. Maybe.

Everyone trying the mud mask. Who is who? Your guess is as good as mine.
(Sorry for the small and poor quality of photo)

Me in a hat, black top and pink skirt. Modest eh? One of the ladies commented that she liked my swim wear (Hey, I hear someone whispering "bad taste")

Our tour guide in Jordan mentioned that the Dead Sea products are so good because in actual fact, he is 52 years old but he looks so young. It cost him USD20,000 for all the products. I didn't believe him so the next day, I cornered him for his I.D. What do you know, he lied. He is actually the same age as me ;-) But I look younger, right?

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JO-N said...

How do they call it a dead sea? Anyway, that's cool and there are many wonderful things in Jordan, eh? Finally saw your modest swimwear, the most special among all the others.

A tag for you, Chris