Saturday, May 17, 2008

Swimming on a Friday Afternoon

We went to SH's place swimming yesterday, i.e. a nice, non rainy, not too hot Friday late afternoon. We have not been there for a few months now. The children loves the pool because it has a huge water slide. While the Mothers sits to chat, the children were playing together.

Ethaniel is suppose to climb onto Joel's shoulders and jump off. Seems like lots of fun!

Trying various ways to find the best launching position

I wonder how Joel manage this. His younger brother is pretty heavy... ouch!


It was a very fun afternoon. They had loads of fun playing in the pool.

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CY said...

No slider pics this time? The boys sure do have fun at the pool. Will miss the pool in a months time..:(

Angela said...

It sounds like a splashing good time