Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Little Boy

Yesterday at Cell Group..... Ethaniel & KC was playing with each other.

Me: My, look at both of them.

KC's Mom: Yeah. Before we came, KC said that she wanted to bring some candy for a friend.... Ethaniel.

Me: Is it? :-D

So sweet.... This little girl is so thoughtful towards my son, her friend.

Ethaniel has a natural magnet which draws people to him. He has a natural aura, charisma and joy which penetrates every part of his being which he can NEVER contain it. He is always smiling, laughing, teasing, joking wherever he goes... whether it be at home or outside, he is always generous with his affection.

No wonder, little girls who simply dislike boys, because boys at 6+ years old can be very rough and annoying. But they simply like Ethaniel. With the innocence of a young child.

I also have another friend who has a very shy daughter. She whispers when talked to... J told me that her daughter does not play with boys. Hmm.... Understandable. They can be annoying. Since we go to the same Women's Fellowship, both Ethaniel and her has been playing together and he is the ONLY boy she plays with.

I can understand why people are drawn to Ethaniel. God has blessed him with a BIG heart which receives EVERYONE irregardless of age, sex, color or status EXCEPT a boy who disturbs and occasionally kicks him at Sunday School :-/

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Lee-Lian said...

I remember the stories you shared about Ethaniel and our big brother, Mike. It's nice when we realize that we are blessed with gifts (to sing, draw, sew, cook) And it's another to discover that Ethaniel, the person, is the 'gift'. What joy he must bring to you and all he meets.

GarGies said...

Ooh.. I would love to meet him. He would be SOMEBODY when he grows up.

Angela said...

I wouldn't like someone who kicked me either.
Sounds so sweet.

I also read the latest post but my commenting isn't working the wayI want it too.
The boat trip sounds so calming.
It is nice when you find someone with a sence of humor I agree!