Sunday, May 4, 2008

The First Few Days In Amman, Jordan

On the day I dropped the children at Laurie & Mary's and went to the airport, I received a call from Joel. My flight was 12am and he called about 11pm. He sounded horribly sad *my heart sank*. Saying how much he missed me... I arrived in Amman, Jordan, concerned about his well-being. I know its very bad to do things like that when you are thousands of miles away... 10 hours by plane to be exact. The calls were very costly but I had no choice but to call him and timed myself at the same time.. A few minutes at a time... just to make sure things are OK.

Sometime during the 1st night in Amman, Jordan, I received a call from Joel ...crying on the phone, saying how much he missed me. He was crying so hard that I couldn't hear a word he said. He woke up with a nightmare. Oh my. I need to be near to soothe him. I always have been. Especially after a nightmare. I absolutely need to. But I can't, can I?

I managed to calm him down and prayed for him.
Capture on camera, the intense moment on the phone

On the phone and timing myself at the same time... The calls was about THB45 per min (USD1.50 / RM4.50 per min)

I must admit that I was not fully into the tour.... My mind was far away... I eventually felt better when Joel called me later to say that he felt better.

I sent an SMS to Sean and Ong to take him out so that he will be occupied and not have his mind on me. It worked. They went to church, shopping, Ong's office and had meals together.

Renee also took the children to her home for a swim and they spent the whole day together. I was so grateful. They had so much fun. Till today Renee was still talking about the things they did together.

Thank you Sean, Ong & Renee!

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

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Kellan said...

So glad your friend's taking such good care of your baby and so sorry you are worried. You must be having a good trip though - what a great vacation you are having!! You are so cute - by the way - cute picture of you!!

Thanks for coming by today - nice to see you, as always - I'll see you soon - Kellan

Angela said...

It is hard not to worry it is good that you have some good people back home.
Sounds like you are having a good trip so far though even with the worry