Saturday, May 3, 2008

Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

I had a previous post on my visit to the dentist. I did mention that I had to extract my wisdom tooth eventually. So I did. Today.

I was jittery. All you out there can understand my pissing-in-the-skirt feeling, surely. Prayer was requested at Cell Group yesterday. I felt peace after that. But still jittery.

I was secretly hoping that the Dentist would be down with flu, called in sick or the dental hospital burnt down by some arsonist. No such luck. It was there when I drove in this afternoon for the 2pm appointment.

The Dentist was friendly and nice. As expected of most Thai. He assured me that everything will be fine. Gave me 2 injections which didn't hurt at all, an x-tray before the extraction and I was out within 30 mins.

The whole process was very pleasant and didn't hurt at all, till now. My anesthetic just wearing off after 5 1/2 hours of application.

Anti-biotic, painkiller and anti-swell medication

Filled with cold water to bring down the swell. Given by the kind nurse at the dental hospital

The tooth. Looks pretty ugly and dirty. Wonder why it looks like this. The middle looks pretty black.

I have an appointment next week to take out the stitches. Not sure if he will extract the other wisdom tooth then.

The total bill came to THB3,000 (RM300 / USD90).

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sting said...

hope you get better soon ya.. I had mine removed too and it hurt for 2 days! was very nice of the nurse to give you that "hand" thingy to cool the pain :-)