Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adventure Trip - Part 1

I am an adventurous person by nature. I like doing outdoor adventure stuffs... provided it does not take too much of my energy.

Over the weekend, I went for an Adventure Program.

It was one of the most physically challenging program I have been to. I mean, I haven't been to a lot... *sheepish smile* I usually go and do something adventurous but not as organised as this. I get to "give-up" whenever I want... But not this Adventure Program. The Instructors are so encouraging in "pushing" me forward and not give up.

A group of 7 of us gathered, not too far from the entrance of FRIM, Kepong. All of us looking at each other, not really knowing exactly what to expect.

The program started with warm up games, getting-to-know-you games and many more for about 3 hours. I totally enjoyed the games, it was so much of fun!!!! I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was great! Mentally I felt young but unfortunately, my body feels much much older than that. I chose to slowly walk rather than run whilst the other guys and gals (half of my age) was busy zipping by. Nevermind. I have my ways of conserving energy (I didn't know how much I needed it....).

After lunch, the program was mountain biking. But. If it rains, we can skip it to the next program. I was hoping it would rain. Yes it did. But. It stopped just as we were about to go for mountain biking. How fortunate, for me...

I cycle, sometimes but have never done mountain biking. The uneven and uphill terrain was a real challenge for me. I mean, real challenge. I struggled so much that I was going to turn back towards camp. The Instructors were gently nudging me ahead.

to be continued .....

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