Monday, November 23, 2009

Have You Had One of Those Days? Part 2

Incident #4

I took the kids to the shopping mall and upon reversing my cute little MYVI into a parking space, I heard my reverse sensor beeping. Thinking that I was too near to the next car, I quickly drove forward to make another attempt at re-parking.

Then suddenly, before I could reverse in, someone drove into my parking spot!!!! A huge red pick up truck. So, I horned him to let him know that he parked on my spot. But he made no signs of driving out. I had to quickly make some decisions:

  1. Sit in the car and feel really upset
  2. Drive off to another spot and feel really upset
  3. Come back later to puncture his tyre and feel great
  4. Come back later to make some interesting graffiti on his windows, which will also make me feel great
  5. Give him a piece of my mind and still feel upset but not as bad

OK... I had 5 seconds to react....

I decided to do thought #5. I parked my car on the side, at the same time observe if this fella has a ring on his nose, tattoos on his arms and bodyguards by the side. Oh goodie, none of it.

I proceeded to knock on the passenger window and told him that it's my carpark. He gave the stupidest excuse I have ever heard (according to me) ..., "Did you put on your signal light?" and I answered, "So what?". It was clear that even a toad could see that I was reversing into the parking space. Duh?!!! Blah blah blah and some more blah. If he had intentions to leave, he wouldn't have taken the spot in the first place. It was clear that he was not leaving. But I had wanted to give him my piece of mind. And I did.

I decided to give one last shot and said to the girl he was with, "Eh, you don't marry this fella. He is not a gentleman. Take a woman's parking spot". Of course, if he was not in such a hurry to leave, I might wanted to say more. After all, I was on a row....

Not so long ago, I usually react by moving to another parking spot and feel really upset. And then, I grew up and now I stand up for myself. I also wanted my children to know that they should not behave like that lousy fella. Its not right to take someone's "things" aka car park, intentionally or accidentally. At the same time, stand up for what you believe. Don't take crab when you need to stand up for what is right even if you are alone. Don't have to walk with the crowd.

I hope that "lesson" from me would have shook the fella and stop him from "stealing parking spaces" in future. He must have done it before and being Asians, most of us would brush it off and say that its a waste of time even trying to talk to bullies like that. Maybe. Maybe not. The next time you see this red pick up truck and if he ever attempts to take your parking spot, remember to give him your piece of mind. Not too large a piece, just enough to stand up for what is right.

Incident # 5

The cashier counter at MPH Book Sale had problems when I went to pay. After waiting for 10 minutes, I decided to pay cash instead of credit card.

Why me?????!!!!!

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Corinne Jansz said...

Wow! Chris you're very brave to stand up to that guy with tattoo and nose ring. I would never had done so. I would have love to see the girl's face when you told her that.

Anyway, cheer up, we've all had days like that, some last longer!