Thursday, November 19, 2009

House Hunting - Part 3

I told my boys that if I have extra cash after the renovation of the house, I will ask the carpenter to build them a tree house in the piece of land, just in front of the house. What a joy to be able to play in a treehouse whilst staying in the city!

You see, when I was a small little girl, we had a tree house. A make-shift one, with few pieces of wooden planks plopped on top of the tree. I remembered those times when I used to climb trees. It was great fun. I had often wished that for my 2 boys but it was difficult to get such opportunities, especially when we stay in the city. Now, it seems that God is granting my wish for my boys. The joy of childhood.

How about a simple little tree house?

Nice tree house... A great design

If I have this tree house, I wouldn't even want to go back home!

Joel, my 13 years old son is so excited with the idea of moving to the new house that he tells me EVERYDAY! He has plans of playing BB gun wars in that small little jungle! Both of them have drawn up the plans for their tree house and fantasized about what they will do there.

Well, not only the children have been fantasizing and planning, so, have I. Thinking of ideas to be done to the house has taken quite a portion of my time.

With limited budget for the renovation, I will be busy looking for bargains. Well, I will have a few months to compare prices and to continue to look out for bargains.

Lastly, I want to thank God for providing a miraculous house to us at a great price. I hope to be able to pass on the house to my grand-children. Haha. Such long term planning, eh? It would be great to see my grand children playing on the same tree house, their daddy had. Here I go dreaming again......

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