Saturday, November 21, 2009

Have You Had One of Those Days? Part 1

I had a series of mishaps or "bad luck" (BTW, I don't believe in luck) incidences which was totally annoying, to say the least. You know, the feeling that nothing goes right. Everything seems and somehow feels that it WILL go wrong. When moments like that happens, I feel like locking myself in the house. Not that it will help. For all I know, the lock breaks down (which it did).

Its not major like the roof came down or I killed the neighbor's cat or something to that effect.

Have you had one of those days?

Well, it all started last week .... *back in time music*

Incident # 1

I was at the Macy Annual Sale 2009. Being the 1st day, Thursday, it was packed!!! Doesn't anyone work at 11am on a Thursday??! Or is it that all the Homemakers are out of the house (like me) and have decided to help the household budget by buying stuffs at a sale and save money (like me).

I was struggling to queue at the counter, while lugging two huge boxes of "goodies" (like Santa Claus). Its the lousiest queue I have ever been on. Like one of those queue at the NKVE highway during public holidays... Two lines which eventually end up at the same payment counter. Not realising that this was the case, I was standing for 30 mins with the afternoon heat and sweat. Well, you get the idea, it was not a beautiful sight.

Then, I changed queue and after 5 mins of waiting, they shut down the queue. What? I was asked to go next door to pay. There, I waited an additional 15 mins and when it was my turn to pay, the counter had problems with the computer.... Aaarrrggghhh! Anything else???!!! Bring it on, baby!

Incident #2

After returning home from the Macy Annual Sale 2009, I realised that they had over-charged me. Yaiks! In my hurry to get home after the sweat, heat and 1 hour of waiting at the check out cashier, I had forgotten to check my bill.

Guess what? I had to go back there again, the next day.... and not only I managed to get back my monies, but I also helped the household budget by purchasing even more stuffs.

Save money by buying.

You know, what I mean? We women are great at that, its a skill perfected through the great examples set by our Mothers and her Mother before her and it goes on......

Incident #3

Some of you might have read my blog post a few months ago, that I have started working part time. The Company provide Adventure Program to Christian groups. So, we had this particular group which was scheduled to have a program on a Saturday but due to some problems at a certain department, they had to work during that weekend. So, on Thursday afternoon at about 3pm, I received an email, requesting to postpone the program.


First of all, its not a good idea to cancel the program on such a short notice i.e. 1 day. A lot of planning had gone into it. Secondly, earlier there were various changes on the venue, as a result, the activities had to change, so more planning had gone into it. Thirdly, the Instructors are all volunteers and would have sacrificed their weekend to block this date and now the cancellation.

Its just bad.

Especially, when I have to be the bearer of bad news.... informing the team of the postponement *bad feeling in the pit of the stomach*

To top the icing on the cake, the client didn't pay up, yet. That would have been my job. I asked them to pay, but they didn't (Irrelevant. Even if I engaged the services of Ah Long (thugs who "make" creditors pay their debts), its still my job to ensure clients pay-up). I will never know if they would have postponed the program if they had paid up (Again, irrelevant since it had already happen).


Stay tuned for more upcoming mishaps ......

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