Tuesday, November 17, 2009

House Hunting - Part 2

At one point in time, it was so frustrating that we almost purchased a house which was a whopping half-a-million and it was just a double storey link house of 24 x 75!

We made various mistakes in the purchase of our previous home that I didn't want to repeat the same mistake this time round. So, I seek counsel from various people e.g. real estate agent friends, personal friends, my Pastor and his wife, my sister in law and even my Mother. Eventhough it was really confusing hearing many different comments/views but there is safety and wisdom in the multitude of counselor, as written in the book of Proverbs in the bible. I know that at times, our arrogance and pride stops us from wanting to hear what others have to say, especially if it contradicts what we want. Humility is the way to go!

There were various times when I went 'house shopping' with my friend, M. It was cute, 2 homemakers sitting in a car driving around, calling Agents, staring into houses, undecided where to go and even ended up at another friend's place chatting for 2 hours!

There was a particular time when I was talking on the mobile phone and an Agent asked me, "What is your budget?" and I replied, "Less than RM500K", knowing full well, that most of the properties were ranging RM400K and up. Even with half a million, it wouldn't be "the best" they have.

M gave me a nudge and said, "RM350K!!!".

I gave her a passing look. Not daring to stare in disbelief. But in my heart, I thought that she obviously have not been shopping for houses as long as I have. I have not heard of a corner unit house that cost RM350K. Its ridiculously silly to even have suggested it! But of course, not wanting to offend her, I kept that thought to myself.

Unknowingly to me, not her, this woman spoke out of faith. It was an impression that God gave to her. Obviously my faith was not up to her level. I couldn't believe God for a miracle... "Forgive me, God". Well, that's the reason why I asked her for help. So that eventhough this little "hard ears" of mine is unable to hear God, I will still not miss His best for me. Everybody needs help now and then....

A few days later, I contacted an Agent that took me around to view some houses. He brought me to 2 houses which I felt, I could shortlist. The 1st one, was a fully renovated corner house at RM500K. It was renovated to my taste but it was slowly breaking down, being almost 10 years old. The next house was an endlot with land but was a basic unit. A little rundown because it is 10 years old and has been tenanted all these while. The disadvantage to this place is the surau which was diagonally situated in front of the house. Will it be noisy? But its an affordable RM360K. Hmm.....

It took us another 1-2 weeks to decide on purchasing the house, after viewing another dozen or so houses, sitting outside the surau to 'test' the sound of the 'singing', if its bearable.

At last, I think that the house by the surau was what we were looking for and a good price to go with it. The Seller also reduced the price of the house to exactly RM350K, no more and NO LESS (we tried).

We paid our downpayment on 11 Nov 2009.

You see, that house by the surau (mini mosque) had all the criteria which we wanted. Not only that, it faced a piece of land which will not be developed because it is neither big nor small. I enjoy the view of the huge trees and the many papaya trees planted by the current tenant.

To be continued .................


Johnny Ong said...

congrats on the new house. landed properties' prices are goin up so fast nowadays

Corinne Jansz said...

Congratulations to you and the Boyz on the purchase of your new HOME. Looking forward to spending time with all of you at your new HOME.