Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Ethaniel!

Happy 8th Birthday, Ethaniel!

Oh my goodness... It was not so long ago you were just a small baby. Now, how you have grown. I still call you a baby because you are my baby, the last one.... There will not be another baby after you...

You have brought so much of joy and laughter in your 8 years of life. A lot of irritation, annoyance and pain too. But the joy has out-weight the "inconveniences" you brought.

Don't be deceived by that new born innocent-look. Since the day he was born, whenever he is hungry, he screams his lungs out!!! His face turns red and his umbilical cord puffs up. "Very healthy lungs" commented the Doctor tactfully.

Ethaniel had "octopus" hands because eventhough he only had a pair of hands, he was into EVERYTHING. Drawers, containers, cupboards and everything within his reach were not spared. He had special obsession for batteries and toothbrushes.

He took his own sweet time to talk but his personality was of obvious bubbly, joyful and gutsy. Has a compassion of a saint, sensitive heart of a Mother, persistence of a 2 years old and independence of a teenager.

A rare grumbling look. So cute, huh? Well, not when its directed at me (which often is the case). He keeps nothing in his heart. As transparent as a can be, he speaks his mind - good or bad!

Thank you for being yourself. I wouldn't exchange you for anything, except maybe all the wealth in the world, oh.. oh... I mean, nothing. All the wealth will be meaningless, if I do not have you in my life.

I will also not change a single thing about you... well, except, that you don't bug me too much, be more diligent in your studies, eat less sweet stuffs, tone down on your passion for cats and dogs and those wet kisses on my cheeks, just keep it coming.

What a handsome boy you have turned out to be.... To match those looks are a real loving, compassionate and a heart of gold. I have been so blessed to have been given you, as a Son

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Corinne Jansz said...

Happy Birthday Ethaniel. Hope you enjoy yourself on this special day and GOD Bless!