Sunday, November 15, 2009

House Hunting - Part 1

We have been house hunting for many months now. Its been tiring and frustrating!

We couldn't decide where to live!! We were shopping mainly at Putra Heights, Subang Jaya and Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. Well, there were no shortage of houses to choose but unfortunately, we had a budget to stick to.

Honestly, the price of houses were almost ridiculously expensive, in my opinion. A double storey link house was going for RM450K to RM580K. Let's not even mention about corner units. The funny part was, people were buying them like hot-cakes!! If you take more than a few days to decide, its gone! Taken! Purchased!

I used to drive around these housing area, looking at "For Sale" signboards and would have spent hundreds of ringgit calling up Agents. It was a tiring affair but yet, I persevered knowing that there is a house specially stacked away somewhere by God, just for our little family.

I had my little "wish list" ....

  1. Quiet area, away from city buzzing and traffic jam
  2. Convenient to major destinations for children activities and Hubby's office
  3. Guarded, for safety reasons
  4. With heaps of greenery
  5. Ample parking space
  6. Not facing another house
  7. Housing area which is children friendly e.g. playground, not many passing traffic
  8. Preferably a corner or endlot with land
  9. Not overly large or small but comfortable for a family of 4
  10. Good buy and affordable

Is there such a house tugged away somewhere?

To be continued ........

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