Sunday, January 24, 2010

"I wish that I had school today"

It was a Saturday.

"I wish that I had school today," exclaimed Joel.

The heads turned in slow motion toward this young man. Namely his parents. Shocked. Yes. Disbelief. Yes. Eyes popping out of our heads. Almost.

"Give me back my Son!!! Whoever you are. You are an alien intending to steal the body of my Son??!!! Give me back my Son!!!" I screamed in my head.

"Oh... really?" I remarked with an air of calmness *smiling*

Well, what do you know. He is loving his schooling experience. Its only been 2 weeks, of course.

Is it because of the little homework he gets daily? Maybe.

The bunch of nice teenage boys he is hanging out with? Maybe.

The experienced, friendly, not-too-strict Teachers he has? Or the "awesome" Math Teacher? High probability.

How about the yummy catered restaurant food he eats during lunch time? Yeah.. Could be.

How about the break he gets from his Little Brother while at school? Hmm... maybe not. I noticed that he enjoys torturing Ethaniel quite a bit.

How about the teh tarik, nasi lemak and small chats he has with his dear Ol' Mummy just before classes start (there is 1 hour to kill after I dropped Ethaniel to school and before Joel's classes begins)? Yes! That's the reason. He enjoys hanging out with his dear Ol' Mum on a daily basis just talking about the mundane things in life.

I should savor this moments, right?

"One teh tarik, please!"

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