Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New House Update

Wild cockatoo on the beach in Batesman Bay, South Coast NSW, Australia

The status of our house? Nothing much, honestly.

The lawyers mentioned that we should be getting the keys by Chinese New Year, which probably means sometime in mid February 2010. But I wouldn't bet on it. The Tenant is still there. I hope he will leave soon...

There are heaps of preparation before that for the purpose of renovation.

I have been contacting contractors, getting quotations, making out designs and blah blah blah.. A lot of hard work. The cost seems pretty scary too.

I bet the birds does not have to worry so much about renovation when they build their nest.

Now, I am envious.

Seagulls at Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia...
Bet they didn't have to spend loads of money building their nest

Latest Update:

I wrote the above post a few days ago and just received information from my current Landlord's Agent. She is also a friend. Apparently there is a buyer for this house and we are requested to vacate by 1st March. Which I said, was impossible! We might be getting our keys in mid Feb but there is no guarantee. Renovation should take between 1.5 - 2 months. Which means, it should be roughly completed by mid April. That is if there are no hiccups or delay. Wow, such short timeline. No wonder I can feel my blood pressure rising.... After some negotiation, 1st April. I have to vacate by then.

This is beginning to get very stressful.....

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