Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ethaniel Off To School

Since a few months ago, I knew that Joel's education would be settled. So, I just had Ethaniel to worry about.

About 1 month ago, a homeschooling Mother advertised that she was going to open up a learning centre. So, I did meet up with her and was happy with the prospect that Ethaniel will be in good hands of such an experienced teacher.

Unfortunately it did not materialize and I knew about it a day before I had to send him. I was out of the country for almost 1 month - the whole of December 2009. A little dazed, I knew there is something better for him.... On the same day, I discovered another learning centre and called up. It was promising and even better than the 1st one.

To summarise it, Ethaniel has been going to this place for 1 week from 5 - 9 Jan and he totally LOVES it. He has made some very nice little friends. He is also learning well. He has some complain about the lunch but other than that, he is having heaps of fun.

"I am very sure that I want to go to this school. For sure. Until I am big." Ethaniel said with such joy on his face.

I am just a blissful Mother!!!

Both the boys are enjoying school so much. What more can I ask for?

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