Friday, January 15, 2010

Lagging Behind in Blogging

A type of poisonous jelly fish. It puffs up like a balloon. Found it on the beach along Batesman Bay, South Coast NSW, Australia (not related to this post :-)

I feel guilty.


I feel bad.

Well, its regards to this blog. Unfortunately I have been neglecting it.

Joel, my Older Son, commented that I used to update my blog almost everyday... but now... far and wide the gap of the regularity of my blog posts. As a result, this-ardent-fan-of-my-blog a.k.a Joel, my Older Son, seldom visit.


I should try to write more. After all, both of them are off to school and I should have some time to myself... In theory that sounds nice, unfortunately, I have not had opportunities for a 2 hours massage, spa or facial. Hmm... could it be the huge hole their schooling are burning into my wallet hole. Could be. High possibility. Or is it that I just need some scapegoat for my lack of desire to pamper myself. Hmmm... I am thinking. No resolution.

I have sooooo many blog posts outstanding. My Australia trip. 19 days, only 1 post. So disappointing. Thailand trip. 11 days. Nobody knows. Haha. Have not even drafted 1 post! I am obviously lagging behind in the blogging world.

I will get down to all those post, I think. I just need to finish up some work piling up at my part time job. You know, the one I blogged about in April 09, you can read it here.

One thing is for sure... I am enjoying the pace of my life. It used to be hurried, haphazard, rushy, stressful, time management, time management and some more time management (which I was lousy at)... How does someone manage cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, marketing, running errands, laundry, going for bible studies, raising 2 active boys, homeschooling and working part time, all at the same time? *wipe sweat from forehead*

The answer is somewhere hidden with God.

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