Saturday, January 30, 2010






Peanut butter!


Before you run away with the idea that I was preparing my grocery list, I was not. The children were figuring out a name to call our new dog a.k.a new addition to the family. At last, there is an additional female in the house!!!

Let me present to you..... "Cheezy" our new Golden Retriever!!!!!! She is loving, adorable, friendly, cuddly and absolutely lovable! Its not a surprise that the children fell in love with her when they went to make their 'pick' her parent's home while she was just a few weeks old. I was away in Melbourne, Australia, at that time.

Having a dog is like having another baby around. Its loads of work. I resisted to the idea of having a dog but relented with the condition that the dog is wholly the children's responsibility namely, NOT ME.

I used to have my own dog of "no-breed-just-a-puppy-dumped-by-someone". She was a real smarty pantz for a "no-breed-just-a-puppy-dumped-by-someone" type of dog. Never pee-ed or poo-ed in the house. She ate exactly what we ate, except for the vegetables. Rice and meat, she walloped without any complains. No registerd collar. No vaccinations. No visits to the vet. Not neuter.... err.. that was a mistake. Anyways.

I was only a young inexperienced teenage girl. How time has passed.

Now, the cycle has come a full round. Its now my children's turn to pour unconditional love. My, my, what a journey its going to be ..... *shivers down my spine*

Cheezy, our new Golden Retriever puppy
who has been with us since 25 Jan 2010

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Corinne Jansz said...

Guys, she's such a cutie! Tim, Stef and Ryan will love her! But why Cheezy-lah, you guys should have named her Goldie! Anyhow, she's a cutie!