Monday, January 18, 2010

You Are My Best Friend

"You and My Sister are my best friends," Ethaniel related the words of the Little Girl, his new classmate. Just two weeks in school and he has smitten this cute little girl.

I like to ask him about his daily school experience. Most of the time, he will say, "I cannot remember." But when he does, he usually have some cute stuff to relate.


"Lunch was disgusting!!! I need tasty food. I have taste buds!!!" Ethaniel says it with such dramatics and wrinkled expression while relating his lunch prepared by the school..., "We had brown rice, chicken, carrots and potatoes. The chicken was OK but the rest was disgusting!!"

The Teacher told me that Ethaniel went to her 3 times to ask if he has to finish his rice... then the potatoes....and then the banana. He obediently finished them by mixing the banana and the brown rice. Hmm... interesting combination.

This Little Girl whom Ethaniel has smitten is a very cute twins of mix parentage. Chinese + Caucasian. Very friendly. Usually smiles and waves to me whenever I pick him up. Warms my heart to know that he is so loved and adored by his mates. Well, who wouldn't? He is sooooo cute and loving.

And I am not biased. After all, Mothers are NEVER biased towards their children. Right? Let me see a show of hands out there.

The Teacher also said that Ethaniel is such a blessing and so cute. His classmates really enjoys him and she is so glad to have him in the school. Wow! What nice things to say about my little boy. I hope he keeps up with his good behaviour and not show his true color in the 2nd month.

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