Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Onwards to Tak, Thailand

15 December 2008, Monday

We started our journey this morning at 9.20am. Our two weeks of travelling cum Mission Trip has officially started today.

After 200 "pee stops", snacks and lunch, we arrived at destination for the night. Its almost 9 hours if we drive all the way to Chiang Mai, North Thailand but we have decided to stop half way.

We were here last year and have decided that its going to be fun to come back again. Of course, this time round, we have Mary with us. So much more fun!

We are at a National Park in Tak. As expected, the weather is cool, breezy, fresh and absolutely wonderful!!!!

When we arrived at about 4pm, we quickly changed and headed towards the waterfall. Its was freezing! I mean freezing!!! Joel and I was at it again, pushing each other into the water. It all started when I splashed him with some cold water. Bad idea. He came back with a revenge and both of us were in the water!!! Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!! Cold! Cold!

Later, we decided to do a crazy thing. Each one of us jump into the water.... Joel first, followed by me and then Ethaniel.

(photos will be added later)


shoppingmum said...

I'll be in Chiangmai next week, wondering if fate will let us meet. LOL!

Angela said...

Sometimes cold water is thrilling
Hope you had a dry towel to wrap up in.