Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 2 - On The Road Again.... To Chiang Mai

To read Day 1 - Onward to Tak, Thailand

After some consideration, I have decided to blog my trip according to chronological date. At least its more systematic and to ensure that I miss nothing.

I managed to post Day 1 - Onward to Tak, Thailand on 16 Dec, 08. So, at least one is out of the way. I also posted some photos at Tak, Thailand.

If you read my post at Lansang National Park, you will note that I did something really crazy. Yes, I jumped into the cold freezing water. I did it because I promised Joel that I will jump in after him. Since he did his part by being brave, I definitely could not back down from my promise. The weather was pretty cold and the water coming down from the waterfall was like frozen ice water.

Just before the jump "look"

As a result of my adventurous and silly promise, I had a bad cold throughout the 2 weeks trip. Actually, I was already down with some soar throat but that was about it. But now the chill from the swim really made the cold turn COLD.

Ethaniel having a hot cup of Ovaltine in the morning

We woke up early to pack, had breakfast and then to a quick walk along the trail beside the waterfall. The walk was pleasant, about 15 mins. Refreshing and breathtaking. A real beautiful sight to behold. It was enjoyable, especially with the cool weather.

I know, I know, I have not always been a very law abiding person. I tried. Unfortunately this time I failed. I could not resist climbing. It was a challenging task but very fulfilling.

We could not stay long because we had to head towards Chiang Mai to pick up some stuff and Khun Rat and head towards Chiang Dao to officially begin our Mission Trip. It was easily a 4 hours drive towards Chiang Mai. By the time we arrived at Chiang Mai, it was almost 2pm. We had a quick lunch, picked Khun Rat, unloaded some stuffs and headed towards Chiang Dao.

Its a normal practice for Mary to go to the local market to purchase some fruits, vegetables and groceries to be taken to the Children Hostel whenever she visits them in Chiang Dao. So, we did. I bought some BBQ chicken as a treat. One which they seldom have. Great timing, we arrived around dinner time... about 5.30pm. It was getting dark...

That night we had a meeting at Pastor Somboon's house located at the Palong village. It was a cold night. The church hut would be too cold. Khun Rat shared for about 30-45 mins and would continue the rest of it tomorrow night.

Dancing together, praising God. These villagers and children so readily dance and sing without being shy. While my two boys were hiding at a corner....

We spent a night in Pastor Somboon's house, just like what we did, the last time. We had our sleeping bag, which kept us warm and we skipped our shower. There was no water heater. No one in their right mind is going to shower!!! Not me for sure! Incidentally Khun Rat had one. Hats off to her!

Our sleeping area. All of us brought our sleeping bag. It was cold but we were comfortably warm

Ethaniel fooling around before going to bed

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