Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Trip To The Dentist

I have been procrastinating a visit to the dentist. Today, I did it. I knew I had to go sometime... Sooner better than later. I think.

One of the fillings had come out. In fact, a few. I have about 6-7 cavities which needed filling. That tells you how "procrastinating" I have been...

I went randomly to a dental hospital, just behind Central Bangna i.e. Jendham Dental Hospital. They were very friendly, helpful and accommodating eventhough I did not have an appointment. There were 4 Dentists on duty on a Saturday late afternoon. Phew!

After checking one of my cavities, the Dentist said that I might need a root canal. I felt chill up my spine. She suggested an x-ray first before proceeding. I prayed hard so that I don't have to do a root canal. Sounds scary... whatever that is.... When the x-ray returned, she was shocked that I could salvage the teeth. Phew! Thank God.

The miracle is... after all the drilling and clearing of the cavity, half of my tooth was gone! It was that large!!! My goodness. How God saved my tooth. A clear reminder that I need to go to the dentist regularly and brush my teeth well.

A near brush with Mr Extraction!

P.S. I need to return in a month's time to have a minor surgery to get my 2 wisdom teeth out... *shivers*. But this one is a NO CHOICE thingy. Have been procrastinating for umpteen years now... *sigh*


Kellan said...

Yes, it is never fun for me to go to the dentist either. Glad you did not have to have a root canal - I have had a few - they are not that bad, but still better to not have to have one.

Have a good weekend - see ya - Kellan

Angela said...

great about the saved tooth.
I need to go too.
Nope never fun