Monday, March 30, 2009

Ethaniel was skype-ing with his good friend Josh who is currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was really funny listening to this little boy talking non-stop for 30 mins. He doesn't seem to run out of questions!! Hmm.... I wonder who he inherited this trait from... *feeling guilt*

Josh, when are you visiting us?

Do you know that I have a nerf gun?

You can buy it at Toy R Us, you know?

Uncle, when are you visiting us?

I am taking a photo of you now.

yada yada yada

yada yada yada

I can just imagine myself in the future.... Sitting on my comfortable rocking chair, sipping lemonade, my feet up on a fluffy pillow and talking on the phone with Ethaniel.

How are you Mum?

Do you know that the weather here is cold.

I have met new friends and they are Billy, Silly and Dilly.

It sure will be nice to have you, my Princess here with me.

I love you so much, Mummy.

yada yada yada

yada yada yada

We will be chatting away till the midnight, just talking about nothing. My son, the chatter box, chattering away with his little ole Mummy.

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reanaclaire said...

that would be wonderful Chris if our kids talk to us non stop even when they r adults..but hope their type of talking then is not nagging or grumbling at us.. haha..
as they grow older, they become less talkative.. i m speaking for myself lar.. haha.. funny though, my sons and i talk more than my daughter talks to me.. i wonder why...

JO-N said...

It would be nice to have our kids talk to us, chatting like we are friends, instead of yes mom, no mom, ok mom....