Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sleepover, Ice Skating & Fun

My nephew and niece came over to stay during their school holidays. This is their first time sleeping over at our place. Previously we stayed at their home, twice, so they got used to us. That was when we returned from Bangkok for holidays. So, this was a good thing because none of them made any fuss. Even the little girl.

Incidentally we were invited by a friend who was celebrating her son's 6 years old birthday, who decided to have it at Sunway Pyramid, Ice Skating. We have been to the ice skating in Bangkok various times but not the one at Sunway Pyramid.

Eventhough it's advertised to be the biggest in Malaysia, its still half the size of the one in Bangkok. Still enjoyable, I must say.

Timmy was extremely brave eventhough its his first time ice skating

I can't believe this! She is so gung-ho that she will just hold on to the side and walk around the rink without help

Joel's new friend

Everyone freezing... Ethaniel didn't want to play... There was once that he fell badly while skating in Bangkok. So, paranoia rules!

The children enjoyed themselves immensely. I promise to come back on another day when its not this crowded. A weekday will be nicer.

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