Monday, March 16, 2009


I have been internet-less since 5 March 09 when I got the keys to our new rented home.

This is the first time in the last 3 years which I have been internet-less for such a long time.

Eventhough I missed blogging but the tiredness of unpacking, sorting, clearing, cooking, cleaning, cycling in the park with Ethaniel, walking-while-Joel-and-Ethaniel cycle sessions, laundry, organising activities e.g. swimming, English, Science, Piano, Mandarin, art class, gymnastic, robotic.... out of breath.... classes has kept me busy. I am planning for April 2009 to start all those activities for the children.

By the end of everyday, I am pooped.

I am at the Mamak shop having roti canai and teh tarik... They have free wifi. So, I thought I send some update...

Honestly, the first few days, I must have experienced withdrawal symptoms due to lack of blogging ....


shoppingmum said...

Very very cute la....can cubit ah? LOL!

shoppingmum said...

Gosh, I left the wrong comment here. LOL! I was blog hopping and reading a few blogs at the same time. Sorry about my comment, which was meant for a baby.
What I wanted to say here is, it seems like you all are doing fine in KL, even if internet-less, and you are beating the traffic at rush hour. :)
Oh ya, will the boys continue home schooling?

irish daisies said...

i get withdraws too ;) glad to see you back. we are still looking for a house hope u all are doing great

JO-N said...

Internet-less is like not having food, eh?