Monday, March 23, 2009


Public toilets in Malaysia are known for being horrible, dirty and smelly. Arrgghhh!!!

I went to a restaurant during the weekend. The food was good, the place was cool looking but the toilet was horribly dirty! What was worst, Ethaniel had to do a poo-poo there. Eeewww! I had no choice but to help him. Motherhood. We should be paid more! No, no. Let me rephrase. We should be paid!!!

When I was came out from the toilet I couldn't resist approaching the Owner to give him a piece of my mind. Mostly what I thought about his filthy toilet.

Me: Boss, your toilet very dirty lah

Owner: Today, so busy. Didn't have time to wash.

Me: *wide eyed in disbelief* Your toilet looks like not washed for a year lah. Not one day. So much of slime on the floor and walls.

Owner: No lah... Busy lah... *sheepish smile*

Me: *walk away feeling like throwing up*

Help me, we need to give toilet-washing lessons!!!


Angela said...

I think public toilets are like that in too many places.
Glad you made it out with out passing out.

irish daisies said...

i wont go back to a restaurant if the toilets are dirty. I know how you feel about dirty toilets.

shoppingmum said...

My mom is here for 3 weeks and she's so surprised to see how clean the toilets are in Bangkok. :P
Seriously, I think Malaysian toilets should improve.

CY said...

I think toilet issues are one of the amongst so many issues that still have to be settled, isn't it?