Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Huge Appetite

Joel is a growing boy. I can remember when I was that age, I used to eat quite a bit too.


Even Ethaniel eats like a growing boy and he has another 5 more years to catch up to Joel.


The thing about the place we are staying, its so convenient to access food. The bread man comes on a motorcycle every evening and stops in front of our house (I made a big mistake by telling him to do so every evening).

Shops are 5 mins walk away.

The freezer and fridge are stocked with food.

Both of this boys ate up 4 butter bread and 3 chocolate bread after a full dinner last night!!!

Joel has started swimming at a local club. He swims 40 laps, does 60 push-ups and 40 sit ups. And he eats like a horse each time he returns from his swim.

Did I hear someone say that there is an economic crisis happening? How do you feed 2 growing boys with a single income? Looks like I have to start looking for a part-time job and that money will be just about sufficient to support their monthly food intake.

There is a bottom-less pit somewhere hiding in their belly.

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reanaclaire said...

boys are boys.. at their age now, they tend to have limitless storage in their stomachs.. haha.. dont be surprised, one day u wake up and u find yrself looking up to them instead ...they grow tall overnight..

Corinne Jansz said...

i wish timmy could eat like that! but i guess all the swimming that joel is doing, it must make him very hungry! and look at ethaniel, he's got a tough body!

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