Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At Work, Again!

After being retrenched for a total of 4 months, hubby started work today. That is a whole quarter of a year!

We are currently without transport, so, my Mum has been kind enough to offer her car. So, I sent Hubby to work at around 7.30am. The traffic is bad! It took us 45 mins to reach the office and since we had 30 mins to spare, we had breakfast at a nearby restaurant. Roti canai and teh tarik. A common breakfast for Malaysians.

Hubby is excited to be working again. I am sure. Its strange to be on vacation for such a long period of time. Too much of something is never a good thing.

I cannot imagine what its like to be retired. Who came up with such a lousy idea? Have you ever thought about it?

My personal opinion is, we should have a job and enjoying life all at the same time. Yes, we work and then we also should have time off to enjoy life with the people we love. Rather than having such an unbalanced life of too much work or too much free time. And then do this for the rest of our lives.

I cannot imagine myself being "retired" and not having anything meaningful to do. It's too scary a thought.

Does the bible talk about being retired and not doing anything? Hmm.... not that I know. So, if its not biblical, who came up with the idea?

Anyone knows?

As far as I know, an idle mind is a devil's workshop.


irish daisies said...

oh my husband was so glad to get back to work. but still misses me. I think when he "retires" in about 7-10 years he will still work part time as a college teacher. he was off for about 3 1/2 months..but i really liked having him home. cant wait to get a home! enough of the camper ;)

allthingspurple said...

True, I can't imagine not having anything to do. Even watching tv, I get so guilthy, and have this feeling that there's stuff to be done. So, like you, I can't imagine retirement at all.

Glad the retrenchment was short term. At a time like this, it's great to hear of one getting a job instead of negative news.