Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crime Rate

One of the fears that I had returning to Malaysia was the crime rate.

Robbery, theft and crime seems to be at a peak.

Everybody is living in fear.

Something is obviously not right.

The neighboring coutries like Singapore and Thailand is surprisingly safer. What is happening?

I agree with a friend of ours who suggested that we the citizens should be given the right to protect ourselves with weapons. Be it legalised gun, "zapper", pepper spray, etc. Of course, the issue has always been argued is that when you legalise these weapons, then, criminals can easily get to them. Well, look at it now. Its not legalised but there are so many criminals having weapons. We the innocent citizens are consistently being bullied and living in fear.

Why is it that we are not given the right to defend ourselves?


junjie. said...

crimes can't be prevented but it can be avoided. just be safe and not wander off alone at night or into alleys. besides that i think i should wish you welcome back to Malaysia! but i'm not at Malaysia for now. until the end of the year. well, fate will bring us together one day. take care. cheers. enjoy your stay in Malaysia. send my regards to your family.

reanaclaire said...

hi Chris..r u coming back to malaysia for good? sorry, i lost yr bloggie recently, added u back now.. continue to keep in touch, if i go missing again, do "knock" again on my head..
notice u hv changed yr template too..
yes, malaysia is not safe..if possible, i rather uproot myself and not come back here... haha..

irish daisies said...

as soon as you go off base here at kirtland it is called the war zone.. crime has decrease a lot but still not nice to be so close to the war zone. i agree about defending yourselves