Thursday, April 9, 2009

Free Promotion

I walked into the bedroom two nights ago and saw Ethaniel giving Daddy a body massage.

He happily chirped,

"I am having a promotion. Free massages for the next 12 days"

Ooohhh.... That's nice. FREE. That is absolutely a big deal for this little boy. He remember debts for days and years... to the cents. Very persistant Ah Long a.k.a. Loan Shark. No one in this family gets away owing him any money.

So, if he gives anything free, better grab it!


Only family members. Outsiders still have to pay. Maybe I can convince him to give a discount.

1 comment:

irish daisies said...

oh that is so cute :) i'd book him for the next 12 days if i was you :)