Friday, April 3, 2009

In-House Masseur

Since we left Thailand, there are no more THB150 / RM15 per hour massage. Reflexiology is generally about RM50 / THB500 per hour. I seldom see Body Massage, which is more expensive.

Guess what?

We have our own in-house masseur. He is excellent! Only RM3 per 15 mins and RM2 tips.


He does only back massages.

I am honestly impressed with his skills. Very good.

Ethaniel giving Daddy a back massage

I had a very tired back when I was feeling ill and the oil massage which was given by Ethaniel was so excellent that all the pain went away.

Thank God for children!


Corinne Jansz said...

I've experienced Ethaniel's massages and it's heavenly and like I told you and Ethaniel before, I want to KEEP him at my house ... can ah?

claire said...

haha... very expensive hor? anyway, always thank God for our kids..

irish daisies said...

oh nice :) i miss my massaging chair in storage :) i told husband when we get a house i will be living in that chair for a few days ;)