Friday, April 24, 2009

Health Is Important!

Hubby has been diagnosed with an illness. For his privacy, I will not mention what illness it is.

Its a type of illness, if not taken care will lead to his body organs breaking down... So, it will not really kill him now but might leave him blind, leg-less, toe-less and many scary disease which I don't even want to spell out.

Sometimes reality hits hard.

To be honest, I have heard too many scary stories about... This person having cancer, that person in a coma, another had a heart attack and etc. It brings a lot of fear.... Especially our children being young. They depend wholly on us for their needs, physical and emotional. It will surely be devastating for them to loose one or both parents in their young age.

At times like this, we pray and use our wisdom to restore health to our bodies.

Hey, you too eh.... Eat healthy and stay healthy.


reanaclaire said...

Sorry to hear about that, Chris.. we do not know the reason but at least we have God on our side.. continue to have faith and God will work for those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose...

shoppingmum said...

Sorry to hear that, and even though I'm not sure about the illness, I hope that he will be well soon.

Agnes said...

Sorry to hear that, i hope he will get well soon.

CY said...

Take care, Ivan. I was also fallen sick last week and my eyes was swollen, eyebags swell like a balloon. Old habits of overstressing at work and not enough sleep.