Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday

Life has been tough
It has not been an easy road
Especially in the last few years
The winds and waves of life hits

At times without warning
At times painfully hard
At times like a crushing dart
At times it mercilessly cuts

Is it not without pain
We will not know joy?
Is it not without trials
We will not have victories?

Who has promised us a smooth journey?
He has promised to be with us when we are lonely
But how can we be lonely when He is always there
Through the darkest and deepest valley

May you rise above it all
To see His power and faithfulness
Helping you accomplish your call
You shall be the Son, Father, Husband and Warrior

You shall.

A Very Happy Birthday

To Daddy

Love from us all,
Joel, Ethaniel and Me

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