Monday, April 13, 2009

Wohhhhh, that is big!

Just a few days ago, whilst our Bangkokian friends were visiting, they reminded us of something which happened 2 years ago. We used to travel together in Thailand.

We had another friend, Pi K who was part of the "travelling gang", she really enjoys the company of my children, especially Ethaniel.

There was once we were swimming together in the pool... Pi K was about to come up from the pool by pulling herself up using the railings. Ethaniel was next to go. When Pi K was half way up, Ethaniel looked up and her buttocks was staring into his face. His immediate response, without a pause, "Wohhhh, that is big!"

I was obviously embarrassed of his very loud remark but Pi K burst into laughter. She was so cool with it that she started telling that as a joke to some of the girls.

Reminding us of that incident made us all laughed again, this morning.

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