Sunday, April 26, 2009

Healthy Relationships

A friend read my blog and commented that I actually expressed my feelings about my son on the blog??!! Read the post here. What if my son reads it? In fact, my son, Joel reads my blog regularly. He is one of my fans :-)

I see him regularly sitting at my laptop and reading my blog post.

Actually, I have a very transparent relationship with my children. I don't keep them guessing on how I feel. Especially about them. If I am unhappy about something they did, I will tell them. If I am happy and pleased with them, they will also know. At times, when I feel down, I will ask them to pray for me too.

When I am upset with them and vice versa, after I expressed my feelings and thoughts, the anger is not held on for long. If I need to forgive them, I will. So, that's the reason why I have a very good relationship with my children and not afraid to be transparent with them about my emotions.

When children does not walk on egg-shells around their parents, they will have a sense of security and confidence. The boundaries are clear and expectations achievable. Such an environment is important for them to thrive.

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