Friday, April 10, 2009

Touching Moment

Sometimes the most precious things in life are the simplest.

Hubby's birthday was two days ago. We went out for a simple western dinner at TGIF. The children and I planned. They were wondering what present to get him... socks? underwear? chocolates?

They ended up paying for the dinner. Both of them shared the cost by using the monies which they have earned doing chores and giving massages to pay for the meal. Daddy was really touched knowing they are so very careful with their money....

Hubby relating it in his own words via email to my sister...

"We had a quiet celebration by having dinner @ TGIF just with Chris, J&E. Guess what? J&E paid for the dinner with their own packet money. I'm so touched. They are usually very careful with their money & are saving up for some toys which they are eyeing on. So, for them to part with their money to spend on me means that I'm more important than the toys. LL, words can't describe how I feel. I'm sure you know what I mean."

Like I said, the simplest things in life gives us the most joy.

P.S. Moments like these makes us forget how annoying the children can be, at times.

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