Saturday, April 4, 2009

Return Evil With Good

As I have blogged a few days ago, my Grandmother passed away.

I heard the following story from my Mother during the funeral....

For the past few weeks, God has been tugging at her heart to share about Christ to the women at the Home which my Grandmother was staying. So, she arranged for her friend Joanne to go to the Home to sing some songs and share her faith with all the old women.

At that particular morning, Joanne and Mum went there to sing some songs and even shared Christ with Grandma. At that point in time, Grandma have had a stroke for some time and she was unable to speak. She could sit up though. When she heard the message, there was no obvious response. She might or might not have understood.

A few hours after that, she passed away peacefully in her sleep.

This is such a spectacular story of the graciousness of God that till the very last hour, He still gives Grandma the opportunity to hear the message of salvation.

The other thing which also revealed the love of God which has been put into Mum's heart... For the last few days before Grandma passed away, she visited her regularly everyday. She must have been the only one among the relatives who has done that. Of course, not knowing that her time was almost up. She bought her Kueh Teow soup and durian, her favorite food. Grandma was teary while eating durian.

You see, the story of the fierce mother-in-law and mistreated daughter-in-law happened to my Mother. Since the day she was married to Dad, she had a very hard life. Its sad. Some people just had it harder than others.

Has anyone approached her to tell her that what she did was wrong?

Were there consequences?

I don't know.

It all seems unfair at times when we see wicked people live like there are no consequences. The lousy person who gossips all kinds of things about you, the thief who just cleaned up your house, the lazy colleague who never does his job and you have to pick up after their mess, the abusive boss who thinks that he rules the world and the mother-in-law who mistreats you and thinks that its her right to do so.

I believe, without the help of God, she would not have been able to overcome all the bitterness and pain which she faced for many years. The bias treatment, control, manipulation, hardwork, isolation, loneliness, humiliation and lack. But with the help of God, she not only managed to overcome all those emotions but had been the only relative who had shown her love in such practical ways just before her passing...

Return evil with good.

Now, how many of us can do?

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junjie. said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sure she'll rest in peace in somewhere better. Grieve, mourne then move on, it's life. Take care yea, cheers. (: