Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ethaniel's birthday yesterday

Yesterday was Ethaniel's birthday - 26 November 2007. He just turned 6 years old. We didn't do much because we were returning from Koh Chang. It took almost 5 hours to arrive home due to a dinner stop. We left Koh Chang at 2pm and arrived home about 7pm.

Anyway, we are having a birthday party for him this coming Saturday, 1 Dec 2007, 4pm. He insisted on having one. He even came up with his own guest list. Yes, that's my son, Ethaniel. He talked about his birthday for months!!! His list of presents too.

This morning, I gave him the present that Mary Rink passed to
me before they left for Australia. Ethaniel reminded her ;-) but didn't know that she actually left something for him. You should have seen the smile on Ethaniel's face! It was priceless! He was sooooo excited to open up the envelope with a card and B500 (RM50) inside. That's a lot of money for a 6 years old ;-)

Both Joel and Ethaniel are very excited that "Chia Chia" (means Grandmother in Hakka), my Mother is coming to visit us in Bangkok, arriving tonight. She has heaps of chocolates. Chocolates to them is like drugs to addicts ;-).

Card and B500 given by Laurie & Mary Rink

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Loh said...


Wonderful piece of work. Hope you keep it up. I just couldn't maintain mine. I WILL be back... Cheers.