Thursday, November 15, 2007

"I can swim!"

"I can swim, Mom! I didn't know I can!" exclaimed Ethaniel. A sense of achievement oozing from his face, sparkles in his eyes (through his goggles) and deep sense of pride in his chest. It was a proud moment for him. His confidence and self-esteem boosted at this monumental occasion.

Ethaniel inherited the life jacket from Joel since he was a baby. Its actually a very good jacket, secure and safety assured. As long as he uses it, I was always assured that no unduly accident will occur. As a result of our constant encouragement to keep the jacket on, he has never taken the jacket off. He has used the life jacket numerous times when we swam in the sea and its definitely been a "faithful companion" to him.

Everytime we go swimming, he would kick and paddle but none of us actually know if he could swim or not. He was never brave enough to rid the life jacket. Partly due to my fault, I guess.

This evening, I encouraged him to take off the life jacket briefly and swim in the adult pool. He was too afraid but after a few minutes later, he summoned all the courage he could find and said "OK, I just try a little bit". Sure enough he did not sink! A miracle!!! My baby is swimming... I know, I know, he is already 6 years old... not a baby anymore (but not to me...).

For the next 45 mins he was swimming under the tight supervision of his older brother. I really admire the proactive and protectiveness of Joel. Even without my instruction, he automatically swam beside Ethaniel to ensure that no mishap occur. Later, they were playing, competing, swimming with each other and just had a great time.

Well, I guess that's part of the joy of a stay home Mom, not missing all the significant moments in our children's lives. For me, today was special, being part of his life and being there to celebrate all the victories and overcoming the difficulties, together.

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