Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Joining "Facebook"

I joined Facebook network just a few days ago. Must admit that its pretty fun ;-) I searched for friends... Interestingly, found some friends
  1. Shiama Devi - We used to go to school together. Very good buddies. Now she is in Milan, Italy. A very beautiful model...
  2. Sharmani Sugunan @ Charmonix - She changed her name. She's Shiama's sister. Not very close to her but she's a friend of my sister
  3. Ranjinanth, Sally, Deanna, Joanie, etc - Friends from church in Malaysia
  4. Mala Arunagiri - My husband's boss's wife
  5. Mona Poomy - A friend from church but currently working in Singapore
  6. Eric Goh - my brother
They say its quite addictive... Well, I am quite stuck to it now...

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