Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Winter in Bangkok

I woke up this morning to a cool breeze, no, its not the air condition. Winter is coming to Bangkok! It was beautiful! It is an emotion which was difficult to express - it was pure joy!

Having lived in Malaysia all my life, the weather has always been the same... hot or rainy. Here in Bangkok, I get to experience Cameron Highland's weather at my doorstep! How great is that?

This will be my 2nd time experiencing winter in Bangkok. Last year was very beautiful too. Infact, we were at Khao Yai National park - Nakhon Rachatsima for 5 days. Maybe I will write a separate blog just on that trip. It was absolutely glorious weather!!

I am sitting at my dining table now and the window is just beside me... the wind blown in is so cooling eventhough its 12.30pm in the afternoon. The sun is hot but the wind is still cool... surprisingly. From previous experience, it seldom rain during winter. Its cool and dry, unlike Cameron Highland, which is misty and wet.

In Bangkok, when its summer, its extremely hot but now, I am rewarded with cool weather. Friends who have been living here for some time, says that previous years, winter did not "arrive" in Bangkok. Places like Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand was cool but not in Bangkok. So, possibly, I brought the winter back ;-)

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